TumblRipper Documentation

Last Updated : 2019-10-01

Welcome to the full documentation for TumblRipper v3


TumblRipper v3 is using Squirrel for it's installation and updates.

You just run the setup.exe file from the website, and installation will occur silently and painlessly, TumblRipper will start once it's done.

Installation is done inside of your Application-Data folder, so no Administrative Rights are necessary.


TumblRipper's interface is done in WPF using MahApps Metro and Material Design In XAML libraries for a cleaner UI.

Main Window


Right Click Menu





This will allow you to set the default options for every plugin. Please make sure you click on the "Make default settings" button after each plugin.


If your connection requires you to run thru a proxy server, you can set it up here

Advanced :

Add a Website


Free Version Limits

To support active development, but allow most users to benefit from a free application, it was decided to limit TumblRipper to 3 website entries. This should be enough for most users. Users who donate receive a lifetime serial number that unlocks that limitation.

Advanced Topics

Folder Structures

When you create a new entry, all settings related to that entry will be saved in a hidden sub-folder.

It contains the list of indexed media, the list of failed media, the list of pending media, and two xml file containing all settings for that entry.

This allows you to later import back that directory or share it between computers (NAS Storage, Cloud, etc... ).

The main tumblripper settings xml file only contains a list of directories.

All settings files are standard xml files and can be freely edited outside of TumblRipper. You are however on your own as i cannot guarantee anything.

Files & Folders

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\TumblRipper3 - Contains the tumblripper3 settings files. If you wish to "reset" your tumblripper, remove them.

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\TumblRipper - Used by Squirrel, contains the actual TumblRipper installation. It's normal for two versions of the app to be there.

Writing your own plugin

Plugin structure is starting to feel final, so i will soon release the interface that you can import to build your own plugin.